Re-usable multi part components built on React Aria and TailwindCSS.

Meet BaseLayer - a tool for swift and efficient app development controlled by a VScode Extension.

The extension is your magic wand to initialize projects, install base components, and access them with code snippets.

At its core, BaseLayer is comprised of two primary areas:

  1. BaseLayer Components: These are reusable multi part components with styles available as .tsx files.

  2. Example Components: These are assembled components available as VScode Snippets. They are the assembeld from the multi part base layer.

Note that BaseLayer is not a library or dependency. Rather it is meant to be there when you need it but always stay out of your way. Think of BaseLayer as a solid foundation to build your own components, apps, and systems.


React Aria Components - For creating incredible unstyled, accessible, primatives.

Tailwind Variants - For creating such a helpful styling solution.

Shadcn - For the all the brilliant work, and inpsiring a lot of ideas for BaseLayer relating to how component systems can be distributed.